i imagine the rouge rivers
coming out of me
to be drizzled on you

really deeply love every single one of your
draggings across splintery belows
until my back bleeds

the others do not see your craters,
but the asymptote has followed and
will follow you, forever approaching

the truth

a random walk through probabilities
of past errors yielded ducks
still sitting on roofs in spring

i fatwa you
back into the bottle you came from

it is Impossible baba exclaimed
it is Impossible that you could be this stupid
and then some
more of some exactitude

i will be your uncle with the naked

rest has gone WOOF: a litter of dogs

i’ll take a cup of glottal please
and an insurrection against all of the yous

hand-in-hand with the Imam who looks so
cuddle with me


they looked at me and said
it’s all goodbyes this life

like when i was small
when i said chodafez to richtsberg 88
to catch a flight to baltimore

my memory is fluttering instances
like when erratic arrows
take us from one frame
to the next

when i was young in germany,
my memory was a sun-moaning breeze
flowy and warm, carrying smells
of saffron

i dream
where the fibers do not reach
is the head of a simorgh
goggling into layers of windows

this is a declaration of
being adrift with fins in a sea of
fractured views

this is a declaration of being
suffocatingly afloat when home
is the bottom of the ocean

i could be human i could
if only there was
not a pixelated screen between

or heavy glass
separating the officer
and the human

i have trouble saying hello to people and places
and trees and the blue of the sky

my tongue is vulcanized rubber,
unsure of the movements needed
for the particular language the phrase
needs to be modified for





first tossing those limbs
as if in a bunker loaded with spectral sweat
now you cannot be moved
in me

even by my guffing
and awing trilling
for ancestry i want
to be made away

the uterus pains
look at those in-a-rush clouds outside

that whipped froth is a constant through berlin winters
its permanence reminds me of my impermanence
i been loosened so wide that i droop
into all dimensions which means
i am ubiquitous

i believe in two birds and two elephants
and two alligators

also believe in breathing through the nose
despite polyps

was i more or less filled with belief before?
or just an elektro mouse rotten to the core?

at least i see nothing – me – brimly filled

decreating geography

with you,
my love


their arm reaches
fails to clasp
so they plummet into a blooming

it, taking place in front of your
a transformance in chapters
a blending of pixels actually divorced
compound of an integration
of the rays of electrocity

sounds like an atrocity
to be stretched out beyond the limit that
approaches real resolution

i can tell you: hold the nest
you were born in

they must have drafted us
lotto balls for a riddled web
haunted trajectories bended by

so do please walk,
don’t run

fuss in boot

these legs drag through a
swamp of memorial soils

which has the right to drift
which has the might to over-tone
the hollow
the regenerations
to, be, heard

next will have forgotten
cramming through
grass blades growing a kind boom

that follow,
or you follow
like you are buds on a bed of stems
shaking when stimulated
when waters hit

trampoline your way away foot
in front of foot away from the hunt
so that the brook lying far out
will not titter alone

today the sun was

yesterday the moon was
like when my lung cannot expand
like when moments move through rabbit tunnels

to settle at a place is like the arrival
of a chador of clouds is like the first sour of
an apple like the triumphant finishing of a sentence after
it has choked your presence in front of many thems

and when the path stops you will walk on because
sitting down to rot yourself bare is not an option

it is not an option that you will have chosen but
perhaps it is, it is

perhaps the flesh is the last bus stop we will get off at
where daddy made toofan Revolution;
straying from the herd might only be death
only onlies and not your rebellion

when she wants death she should have it
sitting on the beach, shoving sand into everywhere
can be entered

i tracked the path of a salamander once
but in such spasms it moved that
i lost it

so much losing,
this falling out of rifts in space
arms that embrace
or just me

they, wanderers

coming here
carrying me along

a present, a given, a life
but miles away from all everyone

an exclusion, an different, an outlier


they open their mouths and i sense
offense to
an else
a fence to

you are estranged,
will be

my stuffed curse
snuggling you
makes me

i want to see through my eyes please
a world in pieces

a whole would distend me
end me